Mar 28

Saumya’s Kitchen learns to blog

My social media course is running into its sixth week now, and it has been a learning experience for sure. But I have learnt one thing-blogging is NOT just a hobby. If you are keen on making money from your blog, or if you are really keen on getting enough traffic to your blog to say that you are reaching out and being able to share your message with the world, it is going to take commitment and a LOT of work.

Saumya’s Kitchen

Some of the important lessons I have learnt from this course are how to promote your blog, how to stay motivated at blogging,  maintaining your blogging pace, questions I should have asked before I started business blogging, how to come up with better titles for your blog posts and it continues.

These are just some basic guidelines to follow along with a host of other guidelines to keep in mind.

I have written at www.billbelew.com on these topics. Here are my posts on these topics.

Weekly update #1- Content Marketing

Weekly update #2-Promoting Saumya’s Kitchen

Weekly update #3-Staying motivated at blogging

Weekly update #4-How I set my blogging pace

Weekly update #5-Questions I wish I had asked before starting to blog

Weekly update #6- How to write better titles for your blog

Although I have tried my best to make the most of these lessons and incorporate these lessons into my blog, it is most definitely a lot of hard work. So, if you choose to blog, look up these posts and they should help you to get started.

Happy blogging!

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