Feb 26

Exploring Vegetarianism

I am not a fan of vegetarian food. I claim to be a pure non vegetarian-if that is possible. But I guess that is because I come from a family where a chicken or meat preparation was always preferred over stir fry vegetables.

But I got married into a household that is pure vegetarian. And I have come to discover that it is possible to make vegetarian preparations even tastier than chicken or meat. My mom-in-law makes the tastiest vegetarian food that I have had-and I can say without a doubt-its better than a lot of non veg food I have had.

Being a vegetarian has its advantages. Vegetarian food has many known health benefits including a lower risk for certain types of cancer. Research indicates that vegetarians are at lower risk for obesity, hypertension, diabetes, gallstones and multiple other benefits. This is because vegetarian food contains less saturated fat and cholesterol and more  complex carbs, dietary fiber and minerals.

This website is a great treasure trove for some of the tastier vegetarian recipes that you could conjure. The blogger, also in my social media class, has tempted me to try out a few of her recipes with the way she writes about the food, and the accompanying pictures. My post on her blog describes how I found my inspiration to begin cooking.

I am trying out her recipes, and I may just change my mind about veg food. It has potential, and its great when you want to cut down the calories. Give it a shot!

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