Apr 07

Improve as a blogger using content marketing

Saumya’s Kitchen is in its 8th week, and this is post number 101! 100 posts is a small achievement and I feel proud of it. I look back at all the times I sat holding my head wondering what to write, and this just seems worth all the effort.

Saumyas Kitchen

This week, I concluded my series on Health Foods: A-Z. I wrote about Xacuti chicken, Yoghurt and Zucchini. Like always, I elaborated on their nutritional value, methods of selection and storage, and a great recipe to go with it. X was an impossible letter, so I just presented a recipe for Xacuti chicken, which is a Goan preparation.

I also wrote a post on how to become a better blogger. I followed some guidelines that our blogger professor set for us, but mostly, I spoke from experience and what I believe would make me a better blogger. I worte about the importance of time management, building a collection of images and being innovative and creative.

Another guest post I wrote this week was on why I believe content marketing is better than social networking. Although social networking has tis advantages, ultimately, content marketing is hard to beat. Its advantages of durability, search-ability and finding the right audience make it undoubtedly superior to social networking.

That was a summary of the week gone by, and here’s to another wonderful week ahead!

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