Feb 27

From eating out to eating healthy

One of the things my husband and I love doing is eating out. And we both share a passion for trying out new cuisines. However, there has been enough said about eating out and how unhealthy it is. The problem with trusting someone else to cook for you, is that you really have no idea what ingredients they used in preparing the food. Besides, most restaurants will add MSG to make the food taste better and last longer. Of course, you will also not know how long back the food was prepared. For all you know, it may be two days old before it even got to your table.

Healthy eating not only demands hygienic preparation of food, and using the freshest ingredients and no additives. Thus, I am an advocate of cooking for yourself as often as possible. Leaving the eating out for occasions is a good idea for good health in the long term.

I talk about how I first found my way to the kitchen here. I was a complete novice, and my culinary skills were limited to making instant noodles and boiling eggs. However, once I decided to take up cooking, I found that it was not very difficult, and the outcome of the simplest methods were quite delightful.

My blog talks about some simple recipes that are worth trying out. You may just discover the chef in you. And you may even surprise yourself with how great your food tastes! Try my recipe for Indian chicken gravy, or vegetable pulao. These are super simple and come out pretty great.

All the best!



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