Mar 24

Weekly update

Another week has come to a glorious end, and here is the weekly update.

This week saw a continuation of my health food series. I wrote about newer foods, their benefits, how to select them in a grocery store, and most of all, how to cook and incorporate them in your diet.

Saumya’s Kitchen

My posts in the series were on Jackfruit, Kidney Beans, Lentils, Milk, Nectarine, Olives, Peas and some interesting foods that started with Q, such as Quince and Quinoa. Some of the interesting recipes I published were for Rajma, which is my personal favorite, milk shake, Dal Makhani, another of my favorites, Veggie Pasta with Olives and A peas pulao among others.

In the coming week, I will be exploring alphabets R through W, and bringing in some more innovative recipes.

I also wrote a guest post this week at a classmate’s blog called Lunch Express. Its an interesting blog for a service delivering home cooked meals. My post there is a delicious fish recipe that is quick and easy. Its amazing how nutritious and light fish is, and this recipe just brings out the goodness of the fish.

I wrote another guest post for my professor’s blog about blog titles, and how they can define what your readers think of your blog, and most importantly, how many readers find your blog. I have also written about the importance of wording it right, and luring your readers into the remaining post.

That’s a summary of the week gone by-and wishing the one coming up is just as exciting!



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