Mar 30

Weekly update

Its week number seven and I am back in class. This blog is part of a course on social media and is a weekend course. We are on weekend 2 of 3, and we are continuing to delve deeper into the world of blogging. Interesting as it is, and a growing community too, I have a new found respect for all the bloggers out there. Its a mix of a LOT of effort, creativity, good presentation and a wealth if information and ideas. And that is NOT easy to achieve.

Saumyas Kitchen

This week, I continued my series on health foods with posts on radish, spinach and tomato and as usual, I wrote about their health benefits, nutrition, storage and selection, and a recipe to use them in.

I also wrote a guest post at enpowerlife.com about the importance of eating right and the focus it needs to have for a healthy lifestyle. I speak about how we are what we eat and that food is the fuel that our bodies run on. So if your fuel is junk, that is what you will function as very soon. Eating healthy is just as important as going to the gym.

The other guest post that I wrote was at billbelew.com about tips on building a business blog. I do not claim to be an expert on the subject, but this blog is a small achievement that I am proud of, and what I have essentially shared is the things that I have learned in the process. I hope it helps those of you who aim to start a blog for yourself.

That’s a summary of the week gone by. See you next week!

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