Apr 13

Weekly Update

Saumyas Kitchen

This week has been interesting. I reached about 1500 hits and am very proud of how this blog is shaping up.

I concluded my Health Food series last week, and this week I explored new ground this week.

The topics on my blog this week were an analysis on why organic foods are important where I talk about the dirty dozen and the clean 15, elaborate on the harm that insecticide residue can do and where it makes sense to spend on organic food. I also presented 5 different ideas for lunch box for kids where I put in 5 options to sneak in nutrition to your kids diet without having to compromise on taste. Essentially, kids look for variety and interesting presentation. If you can do that, you have happy kids asking for more. Another topic I explored was on cooking oils. I compared different oils such as olive oil, canola oil, ghee and butter, and examined why it made sense to use a certain kind of oil based on your consumption.

Since summer is here, I wrote about watermelons and muskmelons, and how they can make all the difference to a hot day. I also explored their nutrition and provided storage tips.

My most recent post was on a delicious North Indian dessert called Kheer, and its variant Phirni. I compared the two dishes and explored some variants. I also provided easy recipes for both these dishes.

I also wrote a post on my friends blog about women and their evolving roles. I wrote about how women are slowly finding their place in the world but there are roles where women are irreplaceable.

And the other guest post at billbelew.com is about basic business principles. In addition to the principles Bill has already elaborated upon, I talk about principles such as Marketing, Commitment and Research that build the foundation to any business, and are important aspects to a successful, growing business.

That’s a summary of the week gone by. Looking forward to see you next week!

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