Apr 20

Weekly Update

Saumya’s Kitchen

This week, I was on a diet. I followed the GM Diet and managed to lose some weight. I wrote in detail about each of the days-what I made, how I felt, how much water I consumed and most of all, how much weight I lost. Starting with a fruits only day, going on to vegetables, then a mix of veggies and fruits followed by bananas and then chicken. Its not been easy despite the fact that there are no limits to how much you can eat. The temptation of other foods is just so great. If you plan to follow this diet, go on and read my posts-I have some nice recipes for each of the days.

I also wrote two guest posts this week at my professor’s blog. The first was on what I learned about myself from blogging. In that post, I reflected on my journey as a blogger and how it taught me that I am just a novice at both-cooking and the art of writing well. It is a continuous learning experience and I need to push myself to get better at it. What I do know, is that blogging has helped me cover a large part of the way. It has pushed me to research new cooking methods, new ingredients, health benefits of everyday ingredients among so many other things. And writing a post everyday meant bringing variety to the style yet maintaining a certain standard. Also, being required to elaborate substantially on a topic to make a minimum of 600 words has taught me to place my content in such a way that I can write more with ease and yet not be repetitive.

Another guest post I wrote was about the hardest part of blogging. I did not have to think much about this. The hardest part about blogging has always been content for me. I don’t have an issue in writing and in making a sensible 600 word post- as long as I know what I am writing about. The past 2 months or so have taught me that cooking should not have been my topic of choice. I should have picked a topic that I was already more comfortable with. However, I chose a topic I was just getting to know and that is what made it a challenge. I don’t regret it, however. It pushed me to learn more and publish more. It even made me cook more and my husband is very happy about that!

That’s what this week was all about. 1 more week to the end of the course. Hopefully, I will see you even beyond that. :)

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