Mar 03

Weekly Update

Its been an interesting week. I can most definitely call myself a blogger now. With 46 posts on my blog, I feel proud of what I have made of it. My initial thoughts were pretty much the opposite, though. I remember sitting in the classroom having been told to get started on my very first post, and drawing a blank. It was a struggle that day. I finally got down a few hundred words, and was glad that it was over.

Saumya’s Kitchen

But, today, I feel happy about having put together an assortment of my thoughts on cooking, and having this platform to share them with the world. As part of the course-work, I put together a weekly update of my work on the professor’s website, and share the highlights of that week’s work.

This week, I wrote about the 3 posts that I liked most. The first one was the post on foods for different moods. Its my take on what appeals to the tongue when the mind goes wandering. I’ve spoken about the festive mood, the sad mood and the one and only-maggi mood.

Another of my posts spoke of the connection between the creative mind and the chef. It references the outlet that the kitchen can provide to the creative juices. It speaks of how presentation and ingredients are much like an artists painting. How ingredients are like paint and the presentation much like a canvas painted well, is the quintessential message.

The last post I mention in the weekly summary, is on the problem of food smell that many of us carry. My post solves the problem for you, and gives you options to avoid the embarrassment of carrying your food with you much after you have eaten.

This is getting more exciting each week. I feel like I have taken a direction with this blog that will keep me and my readers enthused. Am I right?



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