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Apr 27

Learning to Blog

Content Marketing

I have spent the past 10 weeks building this blog and learning techniques to make it a successful one. By successful, I meanĀ a blog that attracts the audience it is targeted to, and convinces them to keep coming. This is not an easy task. It requires a lot of hard work and perseverance. It requires …

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Apr 20

Weekly Update

This week, I was on a diet. I followed the GM Diet and managed to lose some weight. I wrote in detail about each of the days-what I made, how I felt, how much water I consumed and most of all, how much weight I lost. Starting with a fruits only day, going on to …

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Apr 13

Weekly Update

Saumya's Kitchen

This week has been interesting. I reached about 1500 hits and am very proud of how this blog is shaping up. I concluded my Health Food series last week, and this week I explored new ground this week. The topics on my blog this week were an analysis on why organic foods are important where …

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Apr 07

Improve as a blogger using content marketing

Saumya’s Kitchen is in its 8th week, and this is post number 101! 100 posts is a small achievement and I feel proud of it. I look back at all the times I sat holding my head wondering what to write, and this just seems worth all the effort. This week, I concluded my series …

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Mar 30

Weekly update

Saumyas Kitchen

Its week number seven and I am back in class. This blog is part of a course on social media and is a weekend course. We are on weekend 2 of 3, and we are continuing to delve deeper into the world of blogging. Interesting as it is, and a growing community too, I have …

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