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Oct 21

Chicken Dahiwala


Serves two Ingredients: Two drumsticks and two breast pieces Chicken One Cup  Yoghurt 1 Tsp Salt 1 Tsp Fresh Ground Black pepper 1 tsp ginger garlic paste 1 tbsp. olive oil for cooking 1 bay leaf Method: Wash and clean the chicken pieces. Lightly fork them to enable the marinade to seep. Marinate them in yoghurt, ginger …

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Sep 25

Healthy recipe ideas for week night dinners

Healthy meals

Cooking a nutritious, tasty meal every night of the week can be a real challenge. Here are some recipes that will make things easier for you. Sometimes, in the face of a busy week, it can be easy to cave and just get your food delivered, but it’s important to alternate between home cooking and …

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Jul 08

Chicken with mushrooms

I have always wanted a really nice recipe where I could use chicken and mushrooms so that I can use the healthy elements of both. I used a recipe previously posted to Saumya’s Kitchen, for chicken fatafat, and added a bit of a twist. This is also a super quick recipe and is tasty and …

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May 03

Chicken Fatafat (Chicken super quick)

Chicken Dish

Chicken fatafat is my mom’s invention. I think it was because we would often want to have a tasty snack in the evenings and she wouldn’t have enough notice to conjure something. She came up with it for those times. Oh, and when those unexpected guests came in through the door, this preparation was awesome! …

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May 03

How to Make Imli or Tamarind Chutney

Unstrained Tamarind Pulp

I love Indian street food. The tanginess and the multitude of flavors and spices are just so delectable. I think my favorite among them all is papdi chat. Though pani puri or gol gappa is a close second. Back in Mumbai, I would make it a point to go have some almost every week! But when I …

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