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Apr 25

Punjabi Kadhi Recipe

Pakodas for Kadhi

So, my sister was here to visit me this weekend and as usual, she had only one request: some dish that reminded her of home. So, after a lot of discussion, we narrowed it down to Kadhi. Now, I am a Punjabi and did not know there was a Gujarati version of this till I …

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Apr 19

How to Make Indian Bread or Roti

Roti Making: Take small ball of dough

Making roti is very simple for those who have some practice with it. For a novice like me, it was a hard thing to learn. I didn’t know how to make the dough, or how to roll the roti and why it would not fluff up. With practice and over time, I got better and learned …

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Apr 19

GM Diet Day 5

Dieters chicken

Day 5 is here! It is chicken day Although the original diet calls for beef and tomato, I am not much of a beef eater. I don’t mind hamburgers but I would much prepare making something at home without the extra calories of a burger. Besides, the recommendation is to have lean beef. So, I …

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Apr 17

GM Diet Day 3

Green Salad

Already on Day 3 of the diet and this is getting easier as the days pass. Although I am craving some french fries and a bit of coke, I don’t think it is associated with the diet…I would have those cravings any other day too. Today is a mix of fruits and vegetables. What I plan …

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Apr 16

GM Diet Day 2

Baked Potato

Continuing on the experience of going through the GM diet, today is Day 2. A strict vegetables only diet is prescribed for today. I feel that it is a much easier day than yesterday since surviving on vegetables alone is easier than surviving on fruits alone. To compensate for lack of carbs in the diet and …

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