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Apr 13

Phirni and Kheer Recipe

Most of us who know Indian cuisine have heard about Kheer. This is an Indian dessert pudding  that is made using milk and rice. It is a very popular dessert and is available in most Indian restaurants. It is an important part of a lot of Indian festivals and occasions. It is also an important part …

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Apr 11

Secret Revealed: Eating Chicken Tikka Can Make You Live Longer

I was first introduced to Chicken Tikka when I visited one of my Indian friends last year at a dinner party. This dish tasted really good and I cannot forget it. I asked his wife how she made it. When she told me the recipe for this dish, I was amazed at how simple it is. I will …

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Apr 10

5 ideas for tiffin/ lunch box for kids

I remember my school days, when the highlight of my day used to be the recess. This was the one time where there was no need to listen to someone trying to make us knowledgeable, but relax, and of course enjoy the lunchbox, or in our case, snack-box. I have heard a lot of mothers complaining about …

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Apr 06

Health Foods A-Z: Zucchini


I have arrived at the final post of my series on health foods. And Z is for Zucchini. Called ‘tori’ in Hindi and squash in English, this is not a fruit loved by all. The taste and texture is not very popular but its nutritional properties make it a great ingredient in the kitchen. Also, it can be …

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Apr 05

Foods A-Z: Xacuti Chicken

X is another difficult letter for food. I have not come across any food that begins with the letter X. Of course, there are recipes that do, like Xacuti chicken. So, I will just use this post to enlighten you about this recipe. Chicken Xacuti is a traditional Goan recipe that uses a lot of …

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