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Mar 31

Health Foods A-Z: Water Chestnut

Water Chestnut

Water chestnut or Singhada is a crunchy, juicy fruit of the Trapa plant. In India, you can find these sold with other vegetables. I remember walking past mounds of these green singharas looking beautiful. Since they are only available for 2-3 months in a year, they have not gained the popularity they deserve. Not only are …

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Mar 31

Health Foods A-Z: Vinegar

Multi purpose vinegar

Vinegar is a wonderful all round ingredient to any household. Not only is it great to add a tangy flavor to any dish or salad dressing, its also a great cleaning agent. Also, vinegar (diluted with water) also works very well as a solution for skin infections, and as a disinfectant. Its uses are truly plenty. And for …

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Mar 30

Health Foods A-Z: UGLI, Unagi and Upma


My research on the internet tells me that there are no ingredients that begin with U. So I am going to dedicate this post to anything that I can find that begins with a U. Here are a few things I found on the internet- Ugli fruit, Unagi, and Upma Ugli Fruit is an exotic tangelo …

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Mar 28

Health Foods A-Z: Tomato

The tomato fruit is a very popular ingredient in most cuisines around the world. It is commonly used as a vegetable. Tomatoes are known for their nutrition and are an essential ingredient to most food. They are used to make gravies, or to add a tangy taste to any preparation. Tomatoes are essential to most lentil …

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Mar 26

Health Foods A-Z: Spinach

Green leafy vegetables, as we all know, are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals, as also dietary fiber. One excellent example is spinach. Spinach has long been recognized for its benefits, and my earliest recollection is of Popeye popping cans of spinach to become healthy and strong, from lean, to face all the challenges before …

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