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Oct 21

Fish Harissa


Serves two Ingredients 500 gm     Sole or Tilapia fillets 1tsp          Olive Oil for cooking 1tbsp         Harissa sauce available readymade 1 tbsp.       Black sliced olives 1tsp           Lemon juice 1/2 tsp       Salt 5-6 pieces  Sundried tomatoes Method In a 9″ baking pan coat the base with oil. Arrange the fillets on the base. Spread the Harissa sauce evenly …

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Aug 06

Sesame-crusted Potato Toastini

Serves Four Ingredients: 4 Bread slices 4 Medium potatoes boiled 1 Small onion chopped fine 1 Tsp Ginger finely chopped 1 Tsp coriander leaves chopped finely 1 Tsp salt 1/2 Tsp ground zeera(cumin seeds) 1/2 Tsp red chilli powder 1 Serving spoon of white sesame seeds 1Tbsp Oil Recipe: Mash the potatoes and add onion, ginger, …

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Apr 13

The health benefits of ginger

Ginger Root

One of the mandatory ingredients to any Indian kitchen, is ginger. Ginger has found its way in most cuisines around the world, but is predominantly a part of Indian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and many South Asian cuisines. It is an important spice when it comes to Indian cuisine, and very few preparations are made without the use …

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Apr 11

What is the best cooking oil

Cooking Oil

The growing awareness of health foods and increased research has led us to change a lot of our habits when it comes to what and how much we eat and how we cook. Of course, all research indicates that consuming excessive fat and calories is harmful and can lead to heart disease. Especially since a …

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Apr 06

Health Foods A-Z: Zucchini


I have arrived at the final post of my series on health foods. And Z is for Zucchini. Called ‘tori’ in Hindi and squash in English, this is not a fruit loved by all. The taste and texture is not very popular but its nutritional properties make it a great ingredient in the kitchen. Also, it can be …

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