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Mar 04

Colors and our appetite

Appetizing packaging

I have often wondered why certain foods just appear to be tastier than others. Some credit for appeal obviously goes to presentation. If it looks pretty, it feels tasty. Of course, we have memory of foods being tasty, and are thus thinking from memory. However, research has shown that certain colors enhance the appeal of …

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Mar 02

Vegetarian Panang Curry for Thai Food lovers by Nazuk from “Healthywealthywitty”

Delicious vegetarian Panang Curry

Any thai Food lovers out there? Today I had the privilege to write here on my friend Saumya’s site.  Saumya has been posting some great tips on her site, and recipes of some delicious foods. Be sure to check them out. You can also Check out my blogsite where you can find all about health …

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Mar 01

Get creative in the kitchen


Not only is cooking an essential skill, it can be great to give vent to your creative side. There is a lot of scope for experimenting with cooking methods, ingredients and most of all- presentation. My adventures in the kitchen began only when I was forced into it by one of the turns in the …

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Feb 27


The Best Dumplings in the World

One of my favorite things to eat out, is dumplings. I just love them. Dumplings can make for a great meal, and are very filling and light. And thanks to the variety of fillings, dumplings are healthy too-of course I am not talking about the fried variety. Usually, dumplings are made with a meat and veggie …

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Feb 27

From eating out to eating healthy

One of the things my husband and I love doing is eating out. And we both share a passion for trying out new cuisines. However, there has been enough said about eating out and how unhealthy it is. The problem with trusting someone else to cook for you, is that you really have no idea …

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