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Mar 02

Different cooking methods

Frying: This method involves using oil or fat to cook. Usually, the oil is heated to high temperature to allow it to cook the food. Food may be deep or shallow fried. Deep frying involves using a large amount of oil and submerging the food in the hot oil. Deep frying is known to be …

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Feb 28

The Indian food smell problem

Keep your clothes smelling fresh

If you live in an American home and are fond of Indian cooking, you are sure to have faced this problem. Not only does the house start smelling of the food, your clothes and hair also absorb and retain the smell. This translates to you carrying the smell wherever you go-be it work, the grocery …

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Feb 22

Maintaining hygiene in the kitchen

While we all have different opinions on how clean is clean, we should all understand that the most important lesson to learn before entering a kitchen is to keep it clean, and keep yourself clean. No matter how fresh your ingredients are, if the food is not hygienically prepared, its not healthy to eat. Here …

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Feb 21

Understanding Kitchen Utensils

The first time I went to buy utensils for my kitchen, I was overawed by the different types of utensils available. There were woks, everyday pans, griddles, roasting pans, fry pans, stock pots and what not. I have explained the decision making for hard anodized and nonstick cookware earlier in this blog. That is a …

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Feb 20

Great cleaning agents

Most of us who have been in the kitchen have seen how painful it is to clean up after a meal. And this is even worse if you are not sure how to get that stubborn stain off your clothes or the burnt food off the pan. In today’s world, it becomes important to make …

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