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Delightful Indian Drinks

Today, I am going to talk about Indian drinks. These are some of my favorites, and simply delightful drinks that are part of Indian cuisine, and remind me of Indian summers.

Indian summers can be intolerably hot, and thus the need for refreshing and cooling drinks. My favorites are mango lassi, nimbu paani or lemonade, and jaljeera. These are very simple to make and are simply wonderful to taste. These are great for parties and are sure to be a hit with your guests.


Nimbu Pani- This has to be the easiest yet the most refreshing drink to make. It takes under 5 minutes to prepare. Its also great when you want to rehydrate yourself after a day in the sun. It works really well when you have an upset stomach and want to protect yourself from dehydration.

Refreshing drinks


Juice of 1/2 lemon

3/4 tsp salt

2 tsp sugar

1 glass chilled water (about 240 ml)


Take lemon juice in a glass and add salt and sugar. Add chilled water and stir till dissolved. Lemonade is ready to serve.

It helps to dissolve the sugar if the water is room temperature. Add ice to chill the drink, if using room temperature water.

Avoid using lemon juice purchased from the market, since it usually has a slightly bitter taste. Prefer fresh lemon juice.

Garnish with mint leaves for a refreshing look and taste.


Mango Lassi- I discovered this drink recently, and found it delightful. Its available in most Indian restaurants in the US. It is very similar to a mango smoothie, yet has its own taste. For mango-lovers, it is a treat! Its great for an evening drink, or an accompaniment to any meal. It also works well for dessert, owing to the high sugar content.

If you have access to sweet Indian mango, or any sweet mango, you can replace the tinned mango pulp with fresh mango puree. The taste will improve by leaps and bounds


2.5 cups mango pulp (tinned mango pulp is available in most Indian grocery stores). If you want to use fresh mango, just puree it in a food processor and add to your drink.

1 cup milk, chilled

2 cups yogurt, beaten, chilled (Prefer to dilute the yogurt if very thick. It should be just a bit thicker than water)

Sugar, water and ice are optional



Take yogurt, milk and mango pulp in a blender. Blend well. Add water or milk to adjust consistency. Add crushed ice if you need to chill. Adjust sweetness with sugar, if needed. Usually, the mango pulp has enough sugar to not require additional sweeteners. Garnish with saffron threads, or vanilla ice cream.



This is the most complicated preparation of these three drinks. Jaljeera is known for its digestive qualities, and is great to have with a heavy meal. If you are fond of Jaljeera, it is great to mix all the dry ingredients and store them together. It becomes a ready to make mix, and comes very handy if you have unannounced guests and need something to serve.



Dry ingredients

1/4 cup dry mint leaves, crushed

1/4 cup finely chopped cilantro, or coriander leaves

1 tbsp. dry ginger

1 tbsp. cumin powder

1 tsp salt

1 tsp rock salt or black salt

2 tbsp. sugar


Wet ingredients:

4 cups water

3 tbsp. lemon juice

3/4 tbsp. tamarind concentrate


For garnish: Boondi



Take all the dry ingredients in a grinder, and grind well. Add wet ingredients and blend. Adjust water as needed for desired consistency. Strain the resultant mixture. Discard whatever is left in the strainer. Jaljeera is ready. Garnish with a few boondi pieces and serve chilled. Add ice if desired.


That’s it-those are my 3 preparations for today. All the drinks are pretty easy to make, and have their own unique flavors and advantages.


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  1. Pearl

    Hey Saumya, really cool stuff!! think am going to be visiting your site pretttyyy often! youve already been added to favourites! :)

    1. saumyachopra

      Hey Pearl

      Thank you so much for visiting and for such a kind note. I hope I can keep you interested to keep visiting and share :)

  2. Ria

    Hey Saumya, Great blog :) I am gonna try making the mango lassi

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