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Foods for different moods

Its amazing how much state of mind can be altered by what you eat. You can completely lift your mood with your favorite snack! And then there are times when your mouth makes its demands and you need to comply-those cravings for junk or the need to eat something sweet.

There are foods that are just perfect for certain moods. A sad mood will be instantly lifted with some chocolate for chocolate lovers. There are some great options available in the market, or you can experiment with these recipes or the one linked form the picture, at home. When making your own recipe, its easier to make the chocolate sweeter or darker, ad do your own customizations-add nuts, caramel, etc. and in the quantities you like. Besides, there is a sense of achievement to having made your own chocolate!

If you are not a chocolate lover, explore other sweets such as cakes and doughnuts. Some of my favorite cake recipes are here. Indian sweets work great too! Here is a recipe for jalebi. Sweets work so well because the sugar provides instant energy, giving you a rush. Its the reason parents don’t want children to have too much candy.

There are days when one can get home-sick, and just need to have something that reminds you of home. My favorite thing to eat at such a time is paratha. Gobi paratha is a staple food in my house. This recipe at showmethecurry.com is pretty good, and is as close to home as I have been able to get.

There is another mood that I can think of-and I just call it Maggi mood. I just make some Maggi with nimbu pani (or lemonade), and I am set. There is something about Maggi that just reminds me of my student days, and times of carefree abandon-and I love remembering those times!

Then sometimes I get a healthy-eating mood. The ideal recipe for this kind of mood is a simple meal. Such as this sautéed mushrooms and toast recipe I have posted.

There are days when I am in the mood for an elaborate meal-such days I love trying out new recipes. Here are some of my preferred websites for recipes. I just love watching videos and conjuring up something that my tummy and tongue greatly appreciate! And the praise from my husband just makes things better 😉

The festive mood comes around October for me, when my mom tells me of all the different festivals coming up. Its just a completely different atmosphere in India at that time. The line up of festivals is incredible-starting with Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Dusshehra and right up to Diwali-its just such a joyful time, and leaves each year with happy memories. Of all the food that I can remember from the festival season, I remember the Ashtami pooja, when aloo-puri (potatoes with fried indian flatbread), kala chana (or black chickpeas) and halwa (Indian sweet) are made for Prasad (or holy offering). I have a recipe for dahi aloo. You can find a recipe for puri here, and halwa here.

Of course there are lazy moods, when minimal effort seems like the best way to handle the hunger pangs. For such a mood, I can only think of frozen foods. These are great to keep in the freezer, and the effort required to get a meal ready to eat is minimal. Some of the great brands available in the Indian stores in the US are Nanak and Tandoor Chef. I usually keep chicken biryani and frozen samosa for such moods.

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