Apr 19

GM Diet Day 5

Day 5 is here! It is chicken day :) Although the original diet calls for beef and tomato, I am not much of a beef eater. I don’t mind hamburgers but I would much prepare making something at home without the extra calories of a burger. Besides, the recommendation is to have lean beef. So, I will be cooking chicken today. Since I am not much of a tomato eater either, I will add tomatoes to the chicken that I am cooking.

Here is my recipe for the chicken. I tried to avoid adding too many spices to keep with the spirit of cleansing the system. The quantity of chicken allowed is limited to 1.25 lb. so I went and bought that much boneless skinless chicken. It is very important that the chicken be skinless since the skin contains a lot of calories and fat.

Marinade the chicken in lemon juice, 1 tsp ginger, 1 tsp garlic, salt and pepper. Let it marinade for about 1 hour. Next, take a non stick pan and add about a teaspoon of oil. Once the oil is hot, add cumin seeds-about a teaspoon should be good. Once the cumin seeds start to sputter, add the tomatoes. I think 3 tomatoes can safely be added to this dish. The remaining 3 will just have to be consumed as salad. Cook the tomatoes till soft and then add the chicken. Cover and cook till chicken is done. Chicken is cooked through when the inside of the chicken is white. Do a taste test with a small piece. Do not overcook else the chicken will become tough and will not be easy to eat. At this stage, you can add some oregano if you like.

Dieters chicken

Dieters chicken

You can visit this site as well for some ideas.

The other thing to have today is the soup. Do not omit this. It is essential to keep the diet balanced. Veggies have a lot of vitamins and dietary fiber that is required by the body. Also, if you omit this, you may get headaches and feel tired.

I ran out of the soup and was too lazy to make more, so my energy levels were not so good today. I did feel tired and even had a mild headache. I realize on hindsight that it is not a good idea to eat less or to not eat exactly what is required. So, make sure you eat the 6 tomatoes and the beef or chicken and the soup-at least two bowls through the day.

Water consumption is supposed to increase by a quart today-about 2 more glasses of water. This is not hard if you have been drinking the required 10 glasses so far. In fact, 10 glasses are very easy to consume. I just timed out my water consumption and increased the 2 glasses some time between meals. Another note- it is best to consume about 3-4 glasses before lunch. That way, you have about 4 glasses till around 6 in the evening and then another 3 by dinner. Too much water consumption late evening will mean a sleepless night. So, plan out your water consumption.

Weight loss was insignificant despite not eating properly. About 250 grams I think. Hardly anything. Total weight loss to date has been about 2 kgs. Got a day to go…not hoping for much more. I am guessing most of the weight loss has been from water, but perhaps there is a little bit of fat as well. But I will update you tomorrow on what the weighing machine says.

Tomorrow is unlimited meat and vegetables. Should be easy to follow. I made another batch of chicken to last me through the day tomorrow. Besides, tomorrow there is no requirement of tomatoes, so I should be much better off. Making some soup as well so as not to face issues :)


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  1. Praveen Shaan

    Hi Saumya

    I am interested to read the day-6 and 7 of your diet experience. I started it yesterday and been through it reasonably well. I will have to check my weight this evening or tomorrow. Would be great to have read your experience. Thank you very much for sharing the previous day feelings.

  2. farah

    hi how much chicken in a day i mean on 5 day should be used

  3. Niharika

    Hi saumya

    Can you give us the vegetarian day 5 plan for GM diet. How to prepare brown rice and tomatoes.

  4. Gaurav

    Thanks Love, that was much needed article to look at the end of day 4. Looking forward to day 5, Cheers.

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