Mar 30

Murmura Chatpatti

Murmura chatpati is a very famous snack of Gujarat. Chapatti is very light snack and easy to digest.  As this involves less oil and masala it is healthy too. You can have chapatti with tea, coffee or as just snacks. Many people know that puffed rice is just for bhel purpose. But here I will share you new version of puffed rice recipe. This is very easy recipe. Even new one who doesn’t know how to cook can make this recipe.  Here is the recipe.


Take appx. 250 gm. puffed rice ( murmura, mamara)

4 green chillies

Few leaves curry leaves

½ Tsp. turmeric

1 Tsp. chat masala

½ Tsp. Sugar

½ Tsp. lemon juice

A pinch of Jeera

A pinch of mustard seeds

A pinch of asafetida

Salt to taste


Take puffed rice in a bowl. Washed it with water and keep it aside for 5 minutes. Turn on heat.  Take a fry pan, add 1 Tsp. Of oil. Add jeera and mustard seeds. Once mustard seeds starts crackle add asafetida and green chilies and curry leaves. Now add turmeric and instantly add puffed rice. Add salt, sugar, chat masala. Mix well. Let it be sauté for 2 minute. Now turn off heat. Add lemon juice. You can use ready made lemonade for food. Your murmura chapatti is ready.

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