Apr 17

GM Diet Day 3

Already on Day 3 of the diet and this is getting easier as the days pass. Although I am craving some french fries and a bit of coke, I don’t think it is associated with the diet…I would have those cravings any other day too.

Today is a mix of fruits and vegetables. What I plan to do is to alternate a fruit meal with a veggie meal to enable me to get me through the day without trouble. Today, I am also starting on the soup for the diet. More on that later.

So, for breakfast, I am having a fruit bowl with some strawberries, watermelon, muskmelon, pineapple and some grapes. Its a big bowl and I will save some for the evening snack.

For lunch, I will indulge in a salad. Green salads are really healthy for you because they provide a lot of vitamins and nutrition that most of our meals do not contain. Salads provide fiber to the body, that helps lower cholesterol and prevent constipation. Vitamin C and E and antioxidants are in abundance in dark green and orange fruits and vegetables. Salads are low in calories but make you feel full while giving you the nutrition, thus reducing your need to eat more. For this reason, salads are recommended as an addition to your meal everyday.

Green Salad

My salad today is simple. Just a couple of greens from the grocery store with some lemon juice, salt and pepper and some oregano. I kept the seasoning to a minimum since it is recommended this way for the diet. If you are not on this diet, consider adding a little olive oil to the salad-this is very healthy and will add years to your life.

Now, for the wonder soup. I looked for a lot of recipes on the internet for the best way to make this soup. I didn’t want to make soup that I would not enjoy having, since I would not have it and that would defeat the purpose. So, I combined a couple of recipes and here is what I got.

Chop some onions in the way I have shown below.

Onions Chopped in long pieces

Use a non stick pan-since the oil used is really going to be just a drop. Heat the oil in the pan-use as little as possible. Add about a teaspoon of vinegar. Add the onions. Saute them in the vinegar. They should turn pink within a few seconds. Add the vegetables (you can use any vegetables you like- it is recommended that you use cabbage, but other than that its up to you. I used a frozen mix that had beans, carrots, peas and corn) and sauté. Add a little bit of salt and cover the pan. Cook them till they are a bit tender. Then, I added chicken broth (if you are vegetarian or would like ort avoid chicken-add water). Use enough to cover the vegetables and leave some extra. Stir this well and cover. Allow to cook till the onions turn white. I took this picture while it was still cooking. Once the vegetables are all tender and the onions are white, the soup is ready to eat.

GM Diet Wonder Soup


So that was what I had during the day, and of course, my quota of water. I think I exceeded the 10 glasses of water today. Its annoying to have to visit the restroom so many times but this is really important to the diet. Besides, I think my skin is looking clearer (or maybe I am hoping it is!).

Weight loss was another half kilogram on day 3. Hoping it continues :) And I faced no trouble with the energy levels today. I think my body is now used to the diet.


Tomorrow is bananas and milk day. Keep reading to see how it goes.

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