Apr 15

GM Diet Day 1

Summer is almost here, and it is time for a change in wardrobe. Only thing is, the clothes from last summer fit a lighter me. Time for some serious steps for weight loss. Though watching what you eat is important, I do strongly believe that exercise is equally important. So, while I started a regular exercise regimen, I also decided to embark on a diet to give me a little kick start. I am a believer in the GM diet, that Rahul recently posted about, since it has been tested and I have personally found it effective in the past.

Day 1 is a fruit only day. The diet has clear rules about what can be eaten, but luckily, there is no ban on salt and herbs. You should, however, keep it to a minimum. The idea is to rid your body of toxins and salt does not help with that.

Fruits: Nature’s food

Now, while the recommendation is to have as much watermelon as possible all day long, the option of other fruits is also open. What I did, was to make fruit chaat. Add all the fruits you like, with the exception of bananas. Below is the recipe:

1 apple chopped in small pieces

1 pear chopped in small pieces

5-6 strawberries

1 cup grapes

1 cup pineapple (chopped in small pieces)

1 cup musk melon (chopped in small pieces)

Lemon juice

1 tsp Chaat masala

Salt to taste

Wash all the fruit thoroughly before chopping. I prefer to peel the apple and pear if nor organic. Cut them in small pieces as uniform as possible. Toss all the ingredients into a large bowl and mix well. Enjoy!

You can have this fruit chaat alternately with chopped watermelon for variety. Other fruits to consider are mango, kiwi, papaya and pomegranate.

The other challenge with this diet for me was having 10 glasses of water. If we assume that a glass has about 250 ml capacity, this translates to about 2.5 liters of water through the day. I am not a heavy water drinker normally. At best, I manage to have 1 liter of water through the day. SO, to make this easier, I timed my water consumption. I got a 750 ml sipper bottle and made sure I finished 1 bottle after breakfast and before lunch, 1 after lunch, 1 in the evening before dinner. Add 1 glass after dinner and that was my quota. Not easy, but not impossible. Just remind yourself to drink every few minutes.

One major issue I faced was the craving for carbohydrates. Every time I ate, I wanted some rice or bread. I guess this was even more for me because I had skipped carbs for dinner on the previous day as well. So, this one tip-Have proper balanced meals the day before you start this diet. It makes the cravings a little easier to handle. Anyway, I felt a bit light headed and survived the day somehow. The good thing is, I felt more energetic and happier somehow. That feeling alone is motivation to continue to the end of the diet.

End of Day 1, I have lost 1 kg of weight. Seems like a lot for a day, but I know most of it is just water. If I lose more weight through the week, I will allow myself to be excited about it. But the weight I lost today will just come back as soon as I get back to my regular routine.

Tomorrow is vegetables day. I think it will be much easier-not only because my body is a little more accustomed to this diet, but because vegetables are much easier to survive on. I will keep you posted!

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