Mar 02

” Cook ” Your website.

Building website

My friend started her blog for Saumya’s Kitchen at the same time as my UI design blog (annajingcai.com). She got more comments than me. I am glad for her, but still want to catch up with her. Today I came to visit her blog, and attempted to discover her secret so that I could improve my blog.

My first sense here is that it is very appealing to someone hungry. She has posted a lot of food images here. I begun thinking that perhaps she is an epicure- I can feel her passion in every post. She has used a detailed way to explain every kind of food, and is very good at talking to you about different tastes, different colors, different moods and good health. If her blog was just like that, people would be mad at her because all of the food would be too attractive to people, but they wouldn’t know how to cook it. The smartness on the part of my friend is that she has given a lot of ingredients and instructions to show people how to make the food she talks about. That creative idea will be used on my UI website design blog. People come to a blog for fun, but they may still want to learn something to keep the fan.

I feel that designing a website is actually just like cooking food. First of all, you need to know your guests habits. For example, before you cook , you need to know if your guests are vegetarian, and then you will ask them about the kind of food they like- they may like Indian food, Chinese food, Italian food, Japanese food, or hamburgers. Similarly, as a designer, you should understand your clients first. What kind of culture they belong to? What age group are they in? What do they do? what is their gender…Secondly, after you get this general information from your clients, you will start to do your own research, and surveys. For example, when you cook for a lady who is pregnant, you should think about what meals are good for her health. There is a post that talks about home cooked meals and pregnancy at Saumya’s Kitchen blog. It introduces the readers to foods that are good for pregnant ladies. As a designer, you should know what is a good website for your clients. and you should think about what information will help increase the views, who are the readers, who are the potential visitors, which websites are competitors, etc. And then you will start to design your website. and make it more useful and more beneficial for your clients. Thirdly, detail design is your destiny and attitude leads you to success. For example, foods can be cooked for different moods. Its amazing how much state of mind can be altered by what you eat. You can completely lift your mood with your favorite snack! Details make a world of difference when distinguishing between ordinary and extraordinary. Like in cars, every model has 4 wheels, seats, windows, and doors, but why would luxury cars demand that pay more? Its in the detail, the design. heated leather seats, a push-to-start engine, keyless entry, automated parking and awesome wheels design. The key word here is value! The same applies to website design: who takes the time on detail, who will hold more value, and who will get more rewards for that detail design.

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