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What you might find at an Indian restaurant in Palo Alto

Anyone looking for an Indian restaurant in Palo Alto will find many options. Some establishments focus on menus

Indian Food

Indian Food

from specific part of India while others use traditional seasonings to create something completely new and different. There are some places that have some hybrid things on the menu that are combinations from different cultures.

Indian Food

Indian Food

What is best?

For anyone that has never experienced this kind of cuisine before this can be a confusing experience. People may not know what the different food items such as samosas or naan are. This can be solved several ways. One is to dine with someone that has knowledge of this kind of cuisine. An alternative is to simply ask the server. Some menus also have detailed information about what each item is and how it is made. People will find a mix of both familiar foods and ones that are new and different.

Starting out at a somewhat basic restaurant is often a good introduction to Indian food. Many casual restaurants have a fairly robust menu that encourages people to try different items in a relaxed setting.

On the menu

People will generally find a variety of different items. There are meat dishes but also many vegetarian ones as well. Dinners will find that the seasonings may be different but delicious. This food is available in both hot seasonings but also milder ones. People may experience different combinations of vegetables that are different from anything that they have experienced in other kinds of cuisines. There are sometimes options for paneer for a filling, which is a kind of white cheese. Some places also have tofu or provide patrons with the choice between white or brown rice. A few places actually make burritos but the difference here is the filling. These sometimes use actual tortillas but people will also find naan here, as this is a kind of flatbread common to Indian cuisine.

Indian Food

Indian Food

Menus can offer a variety of things. One way to experience a variety of items and flavors is to see if there are any options for a platter. These sometimes have different things and often have a good selection of garnish items such as onions, pickles, salad greens or other items.

People that want vegetarian meals but want to dine with meat eating friends will find this kind of establishment a good choice. Most places will have offerings for both kinds of dinners. There are also places that can provide gluten-free meals if needed so this can be another option for dinners.

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