Apr 14

General Motors Diet – Loose 5lbs in a week

Hello readers, I’m Rahul. My blog is about diet and fitness.

This week I have chosen Saumya’s Kitchen blog to post as a guest. Food, Fitness, Diet – All three are inter related. We must control our food to maintain our diet and to be fit. You will find many diet plans at something called Internet :). Too many diet plans! We are not sure which one to follow. One of the famous diets is General Motors Diet. Also called as GM diet. It worked for many. Sources say that 5lbs can be lost in one week.  Best thing is, everybody is capable of doing it. GM diet is for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. In this post, I will give you few simple steps to follow this diet.

First thing you should do is to check weight and note it down somewhere on your calendar.


Day 1: Only eat fruits. Do not eat bananas. Recommended fruits to make diet more effective are Watermelon and loupe. Good part is eating as many fruits as you can. You will never feel hungry. Do not forget to drink lots and lots of water. Don’t drink any fruit juices that are available at stores.


Day 2: Only eat steamed or cooked vegetables. Start the day with baked potato and butter (optional). Eat some vegetables for lunch and dinner. Even today, drink lots and lots of water. Don’t drink any vegetable juices that are available at stores.

Day 3: Today you can eat both fruits and vegetables. Do not eat bananas and potatoes. However, don’t drink juices available at stores. Drink lot of water.

Banana Milk

Day 4: Eat 8 bananas and 3 glasses of milk. Do not add sugar to you milk. I always suggest you to drink water.

Beef and Tomatoes

Day 5: I love this day because we can eat meat. This day will be feast for people on GM Diet. You need to eat protein rich food. Non-vegetarians can eat two 10oz portions of beef/lamb/ chicken. Vegetarians can eat chickpeas. Combine this with 60 whole tomatoes. Eat 2 tomatoes each for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Drink lots of water than day 1 to 4 because you need to cleanse uric acid from you system.

Meat and vegatables – Please prefer steamed and raw vegetables.

Day 6: Today you can eat unlimited meet and vegetables. Eat vegetables rich in fiber. Read my post on my blog to know the list of vegetables.

Enjoy! You did it and lost 5 lbs

Day 7:  Nothing particular to eat on this day. The diet ends on 6th day itself. Just eat normal and drink lots of water. Enjoy and dance if you have energy.

I loved the post about 4 essentials for a business at Mr. Bills blog and wrote similar post as guest at Mr.Bill’s blog. Please have a look at it.

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Reference: IMMAHD

Good luck!

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  1. farah

    how many times meat on day 6 and how much plz mention

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