Feb 16

Great Indian street food right here in the Bay Area

I moved from India to the Bay Area a little over 2 years ago. I am a self proclaimed foodie and appreciate good food, wherever that might be. I had assumed that finding good authentic Indian food so far away from India would be an uphill task. But I soon realized that it was far from the fact because Bay Area is truly a foodie heaven. Whether it is authentic Indian food to authentic vietnamese food, you get it all here.I also started my blogging endeavors hoping to be a guide to all those other people like me who are moving to the Bay Area and need a little help with where to eat and shop etc. Since your blog is about food and your experiments with it, I figured you would like to know a bit more about places to go eat in the Bay Area so that you could later try those recipes at home!

Being Indian, street food is in my gene pool I think! So of course after moving here my search for a good Indian street food place started. At the time I was living close to Downtown San Francisco. Me and my husband came across this hidden gem called “Chat Cafe”. “Chat” is the most famous type of Indian street food. You will find “Chat” vendors everywhere in India. Kind of like how you find Starbucks everywhere here!

I decided to try out this place, and boy was I glad I did it!

Not only did it have an extensive chat menu which thrilled me, it had a large section for the meat lovers. They had all kinds of kebabs and wraps and curries to choose from. The food is amazing here. I have pretty much sampled everything on their menu and I liked most of it. Indian food can be very oily and one of the things I hate about eating India food in restaurants is the 1 inch layer of oil floating over every dish. The good thing about this place is that food wasn’t as oily.

If you are living in San Francisco and feel like having good old Indian street food, this is the place to go!

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