Mar 30

Make Mango Pie in 15 mnts

Mango Pie is my favorite recipe that’s liked by all. This is one of the best dessert  that’s easy to make and very tasty to eat. It take 15 minutes preparation time.the main ingredient is  I even o make this for office parties and any special occasions. Since the recipe makes two, I know people who have impressively been able to eat half of one in one sitting. I started to make it for my friends and a few swear by it now and bake this up more frequently than me.mango puree which you can get  form a Indian store. With each can you can make 2 mango pies of 8 inch each.All the other ingredients  needed for this recipe except for the mango pulp are available in Walmart or Target. I get the stuff Walmart and  stock them as this recipe comes handy when you have a busy schedule and you are expecting impotent guest then this is the dessert to impress. This recipe is proven and can never go . wrong. I got lot of kudos form everyone who had it.




Cream cheese                                                                               – 1 packet 8 ounce

(For healthier version you can use lite cheese which has 1/3 less fat like lite Philadelphia cheese )
sugar                                                                                              – ½ cup
Whipped cream (cool whip)                                                           – 8 ounce box
Gelatin ( Knox original gelatin unflavored)                                   – 2 packets
Mango pulp                                                                                       – ½ can

(Preferably Swad or Kesar Brad Mnago pulp form Indian store )
Gram cracker ready pie crust                                                             -2                                                                                                                                                           ( medium 9 inch crust )


1. Mix well cream cheese and sugar with electric hand mixer or a fork so that the mixture is smooth
without any lumps
2. Add mango pulp and mix well
3. Mix gelatin with ½ cup of cold water and put in microwave for 30 sec. Add this to the above mixture.
4. Add whipped cream to the mixture. Mix well and quickly transfer this to the 2 crusts.
5. Refrigerate and let the pie set for 6 to 7hrs.


* you can add more mango pure on the top of the pie or add some raspberries to make it attractive.I have tried this in a blender and in a bowl with an electric mixer… If you can fit all the contents at once, you can make the entire mixture in one go, but I don’t have a blender or bowl large enough.


  1. Bakia raja

    I was looking for mango souffle recipe all these years. With Knox gelatin, cream cheese. I am glad I found it. Thanks

  2. Mahima

    I was looking for a mango pie recipe and i am glad i found this. But I can’t figure out do you use 1 can of mango pulp with this recipe or use 1 can of mango pulp, do you double the recipe?

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