Apr 13

Navratri Farali Dishes on Jinie’s Kitchen

Navratri has already begun and Jinie’s Kitchen has already posted more than 10 farali recipes for people to have variety of dishes even while fasting. This year, Navratri started yesterday on 11th April 2013 and will last till 19th April. Navratri fasts lasts for 9 long days, in which people worship various Goddess like Maa Durga, Maa Saraswati, and Maa Lakshmi on 3 days each of this amazing Hindu festival.

Sweet Potato Pattis recipe on jinie’s Kitchen

You can make mouthwatering recipes for navratras like French fries at home, Sweet potato tikki, Kaala chana, Sooji Halwa, Sabudana Khichdi and what not. When your kids are fasting with you, you can serve them their all time favorite dishes like French fries made at Home, Honey Almond ice-cream made at home and all other varieties.

Most of these recipes are common and people generally know how to make them, but since we don’t cook them on a regular basis, sometimes we tend to forget 1 or 2 spices here and there. That is why it helps to have a guide where you can see pictures and along with that step wise recipe methods and list of all the necessary and optional ingredients. The best recipes are the ones that remind you of what your mom makes at home. Its traditional, and tasty and has love and affection in all of her recipes.

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