Mar 30

Pancake recipe for those who want to cook at home

Yummy Pancakes

I want to take you to the world of simple breakfast and teach simple pancake through this article. To learn this Pancake add one cup of flour, pinch of salt and one tea spoon of backing powder. Then mix all these ingredients really good break one egg by separating the yolk from the white. Then beat the egg white thoroughly and leave it aside. To the Yolk add 2 spoons of sugar and one cup of milk and mix it thoroughly. Add oil and mix it well. Now add the entire mixture of egg yellow, sugar and oil to the initially mixture that we prepared with flour salt and baking powder. Mix it really well, mix it a nice poring consistency. If needed you can also add little bit more of milk to bring to a well porous consistency. Now beat the egg white till it is nice and fluffy. Now add the fluffy mixture into the initially prepared batter. Now mix the entire thing really slowly to retain the maximum amount of aeration in the batter. Take a pan, and put it at a high flame and once the pan gets heated take a small spatula and pour the batter on to the heated pan in round circles of your preferred sizes. If the batter is well prepared, the Pancake comes out really well with even pores and wholes. After a while you can turn your pancake to the other side. Remember to maintain right temperature to not only get good pancakes but also for the even coloring. When you cook it right you will get the perfect pancake with beautiful color. Once the pancake is cooked on the both sides you can take it on to a plate and serve your pancake with honey or maple syrup or even just sugar. When you cut your pancake you must see good aeration with lot of fine whole just like any cake or muffin. You can also eat pancakes with Ice cream, whip cream and Banana. If you have kids I am sure they will love this.

Below is the list ingredients needed to make this recipe:


  1. Baking powder 1 tsp
  2. 1 egg
  3. Honey: as needed
  4. Maida 1 cup
  5. Milk 1 cup
  6. Oil 1 tbsp
  7. Salt: pinch
  8. Sugar


I hope your enjoyed this article and learned how to cook a good quality basic pancake at home without having to go to Ihope.


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