Feb 17

Cooking and the basics of blogging

This blog is beginning to come into form, and I believe it is getting better with time. While writing, I have made sure I try to build around the concepts that have been taught to me in my social media class, and bring in information that would interest each reader, and also in the most effective manner.

The basics of blogging that were taught to me in this social media marketing class, are not only relevant

but I am beginning to understand how they work. Providing a picture and external link to each post ensures visibility in the sea of information that is the internet.

Also, bringing in enough quality content,  that provides relevant information is important to any blog. If each post does not add to the quality of information, it is just a growing piece of blobs that would fail to bring readers and would therefore fail to achieve its purpose.

I hope that I have done justice to all that I have learned so far, and will continue to strive to improve the content and quality of this blog.

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