Feb 27

Ziplist: Recipe sharing, grocery lists and more

My mom just introduced me to this great new resource for sharing recipes and grocery lists. Its a great resource when you have a recipe in hand and need it to automatically generate the ingredients as a grocery list. Its called ziplist, and I just loved the things you can do with it! It seems like a perfect solution for all those of us who hate grocery shopping, and figuring out what to make for the next meal.

Ziplist-your grocery and meal planner

Its got some great features, and they seem to have solved all the problems that someone who doesn’t love cooking would love. If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like to want to think about what to make each day, you can use the weekly meal planner, and be done for the week, This will automatically generate a grocery list for the week, and once you have done the weekly chore, you don’t need to go back for at least seven days.

If you aren’t sure what to cook, just take the help of the thousands of chefs who have provided their recipes and linked to ziplist. These are some famous chefs and popular blogs that are associated with ziplist, so you know the food is going to turn out great. Just search for a recipe that appeals to you and add it to your weekly planner-and you don’t have to do any thinking. And if this is not the collection you like, you can even use ziplist for those recipes online on other websites. In case you find a recipe on the web that appeals to you, you can use the web recipe clipper and get it into your own collection. That way, you don’t have to search for it when you want to make it again. Just add the recipe clipper button to your toolbar and use it whenever you need. Super simple!

I am the kind of person who loves to make food that reminds me of home-food cooked by mom. And ziplist helps us share recipes that remain only between us. So, I can just ask my mom for my favorite recipe, and ziplist tells me what I need to buy to make it! I just linked my account with mom and added her as family, and that was it! Very easy and so helpful!

Besides, for a lazy person, it works really well-have your mom put up a couple of recipes for the week and just add them to your weekly planner. That way, all you need to do is the grocery and cook the food-the planning is all done!

Apart from all this, ziplist can also get me the latest deals and coupons for the most popular grocery items, and also for those that are regularly purchased. The perfect friend for grocery shopping and also helps save some money while you’re at it!

There are also apps for android and iphone users-the perfect thing to not have to look for your recipes on the website-the app provides easy access and the grocery list pops up easily on your phone when you need it.

Visit Ziplist.com and create an account. and you are set. Its going to make life much easier for you, and will solve a lot of problems associated with grocery shopping and recipe hunting. My husband simply loves this- I convinced him to do the groceries and some of the pictures of the recipes convinced him to even cook them! Trust me-it will be a time investment worth your while :)

Wish you a smoother grocery shopping experience and much easier meal planning!

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