Feb 15

Using a Dishwasher: Top Tips

The one gadget in the kitchen that I truly love from the bottom of my heart is the dishwasher. Most households now have one, but getting the best out of them requires knowing a few things about dishwashers. Here is the knowledge I have gained:

Dishwashers should only be run with dishwasher liquid. No other detergent is safe, and will damage your dishwasher.

Plastics and less soiled dishes should be placed in the upper rack, leaving the lower rack for bigger and more heavily soiled items.

There is a heating element located at the bottom of the dishwasher-avoid placing utensils that may get damaged with high heat, such as plastics.

Pre rinse your dishes to remove food particles that may clog the drain, and also to get the best cleaning from your dishwasher.

Organize your utensils so that they do not touch or overlap to get a thorough cleaning. If utensils touch, the food particles at the place where they are touching will not get cleaned.

Make sure your utensils are dishwasher safe before popping them in. Some utensils cannot handle the heat and water pressure and may get damaged or damage the dishwasher, and are best hand washed.

Avoid overloading your dishwasher. If you put too many utensils in the dishwasher, it will not clean as effectively. Only put as many utensils as the racks can comfortably accommodate.

There is an additional compartment for Rinse Aid. This is a special liquid that should be added to avoid spotting on glasses, and other utensils.


Using your dishwasher well and with care can help maintain it and get the best out of it. Hope these tips can make a difference!


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  1. Ruchi

    What are some good dishwasher brands? Look into appliance stores while you’re at it.

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