Feb 15

Why plastic is not good for your kitchen

No kitchen is complete without plastic containers, or utensils. It has long been used in kitchens for storage and most of us find it difficult to manage without it. However, recent studies are now revealing just how harmful plastic storage and use can be.

Using plastic water bottles is harmful because of the chemical Bisphenol A (referred to as BPA). BPA free products are gaining popularity owing to this. BPA can lead to many health issues including reproductive health problems and some types of cancer. BPA can leech out of the plastic into the water, or anything stored in the container, and eventually find its way into your body. Thus, use glass or metal bottles, or look for BPA free products.

Storing water in a plastic bottle and keeping it in your car is also extremely dangerous, since the BPA is likely to leech into the water at a faster rate due to higher temperatures in the car. Thus, keep water in a metal bottle in your car. It is better than the risk of cancer!

Other plastics, such as chopping boards are even more harmful, since the plastic can get damaged when chopping, and small pieces of plastic can easily become part of the food-making your food seasoned with toxic material and of course, BPA. Using silicone or glass chopping boards is a much healthier and safer option.

It is also not a good idea to reheat food with the cling film covering your bowl. The heat in the microwave plus the plastic in the cling film is a fatal combination. Also, the high heat inside the cling film can cause burns when you open the dish after heating. It is a much better idea to use a splatter screen in your microwave. These are widely available in the marketplace, and are a convenient option.


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