Feb 14

Tips to maintain knives and keep them sharp

No kitchen is complete without a knife. Knives are easily the most used tool in any kitchen. However, knives must be handled with care to ensure they remain sharp and work as well over a long period.

1. Never wash your knife in the dishwasher. The knives will lose their sharp edge and stop working as well. Always hand wash your knife, and preferably in cold water.

2. Buy good quality knives- Since you are going to use your knife so much in the kitchen, it is best to invest a little more money and have a quality knife than to have to keep buying new knives. Some of the better brands include Chef’s Choice, Smith’s Edge and Wüsthof. Although you can spend upto $300 on a really really good knife, a realistic budget would be anywhere between 30-50 bucks.

3. Have a knife sharpener handy-This is an excellent tool to have in your kitchen. No matter how good your knives, they will lose their sharpness after a point. Regular sharpening and maintenance is required to get the best from these tools. A knife sharpener can be purchased for as low as $10.

4. Ceramic knives-Known to not lose their sharpness for a long time, definitely longer than steel, these may be a good buy. However, they are not shatter resistant and may need much more fine handling than steel knives.


Wish you happy chopping! cheers!

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