Feb 10

Blogging to help first time chefs

I had not pictured myself as a writer. I did dabble in the arena

 of blogging with a blogger account and a few posts on my experiences in life, but I am now taking writing more seriously.

This blog begins its journey in a class on social media. I am learning, for the first time, to set up a blog, to build content that has appeal to a large audience, and how to cater to the audience best. The Professor has helped us outline the best way to title our blogs, provide a tagline, write a detail describing the blog, and has been an inspiration to encourage us all to write.

The class has truly set the ball rolling and I now believe that it is not only possible, but that I will establish myself as a blogger. By the end of the course, I hope to be equipped with the knowledge I need to ensure I can get across to, and help as many first time chefs as I can, and be able to share my experiences and also help answer questions that newbie chefs may have.

I hope to have a well read and interactive blog where newbie chefs come to get their questions answered. The journey has just begun…and I am sure it will be a thrilling one :)

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